I am an Associate Professor in Women’s & Gender Studies at West Chester University. I earned my PhD at the University of Kansas in the Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies department. My research examines the intersection of sexology and eugenics and how these intersections shaped the construction of “transvestite” and “transsexual” as categories of diagnoses in the early- to mid-twentieth century. Eugenic discourse and discourses of gender were, and remain, mutually productive. I am also interested in what this history can tell us about they ways in which racism and ableism inform gender identity and expression in our current historical moment.

I am a white, transmasculine, feminist, and queer-identified person. While living in Kansas, I volunteered at the Willow Domestic Violence Shelter in Lawrence, KS and was also on the board of Equality Kansas (formerly Kansas Equality Coalition). While working in Louisiana, I worked as a volunteer mentor with LGBTQ student on campus and was active in supporting Equality Louisiana. While working in Minnesota, I served as a co-advisor of the LGBTQ group on campus, PRiSM and was co-founder of a white affinity pilot group, providing a space for white faculty to come together and work through issues of white privilege, racism, and hold each other accountable in relation to these things. Most recently, I volunteered with Trans Lifeline, a crisis hotline by and for trans people.


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  1. My name is Cy Nelson. I enjoyed reading your dissertation, Disciplining Diagnoses: Sexology, Eugenics, and Trans* Subjectivities. Very interesting observations. Thanks for writing this.

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