Teachers bear a tremendous responsibility towards their students, and I do not take this responsibility lightly. As an instructor, I hope to teach my students not only the content of a particular subject matter, but also the ability to make critical use of source materials. Teaching this skill, along with my ability to navigate new intellectual material using analysis and critique I have honed over my many years in the academy, is what provides me with confidence as I enter any classroom. I also rely on the expertise and knowledge that students bring into the classroom. Teaching in the interdisciplinary field of Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies provides me with the opportunities to teach a wide array of topics, and these interdisciplinary courses provide opportunities for students to bring their knowledge from across the academy to bear on the topics we discuss during the semester.


Feminist Theory Fall 2019

Intro to Women’s & Gender Studies Spring 2019

TransFeminist Theory Spring 2018

Queer Women & Female Sexualities [Online]



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